Friday, 10 January, 2003

swami, can i check my mail?

This is in Rameswaram, the holi land South India during Amma's first visit in the year 2003, 10 jan. There was a big peepal tree outside room of Amma. I was sitting there and doing my work on my Apple. There was a cow little further away. After some time, the cow came to me and asked "Swami can i check my mail?"


When all of creation is seen as but a bubble existing within one's Infinite Self, the mysteries of the world unravel and their mechanics become as obvious as the back of one's hand. To one with such a vision, the unfathomable latticework of creation is etched in every happening, on every grain of sand, on every creature great and small. Advanced mathematics, gravity, the heliocentric galaxy, the spherical earth, the elliptical universe, the concept of the atom, the macrocosm in the microcosm—these are but a few of the concepts investigated, discovered and recorded in the shastras of the Rishi-scientists millenniums ago. As Amma has said, "Nature is a book. It has to be studied."

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